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Classic husbandry with a Southern charm

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We're here to help!

Let's talk about your where you are on your alpaca adventure!  No matter your needs or goals, we're happy to provide insight and our personal experiences to help you along the way. 

We have taken numerous classes and courses on:

  • Alpaca husbandry and general care
  • Medical and nutritional needs
  • Breeding and birthing
  • Fiber characteristics and fleece uses


We also have first hand experience in:

  • Developing a variety of alpaca related income streams and business models
  • On the farm medical care
  • Show ring prepartion and etiquette
  • Alpaca shearing
  • Fleece skirting and fleece show preparation 
  • Difficult breeders and challenging births
  • Halter training and alpaca handling
  • Agritourism and alpaca related special events
  • Alpaca transport services

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